3 Must Have Images For Your Website

Must have images for your website

Do you have the right images on your website? Although everyone’s business is different, if you are a service based entrepreneur, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to the images on your website. Here are 3 great rules to follow when it comes to website images.

1- Your banner image should be a photo of your services! If you are a coach and your banner image is of mountains or a cup of coffee, then you are confusing people. I get that you may be trying to convey a mood with these images, but guess what? Your audience doesn’t know that, so replace your banner image with a photo of your and your services. If you are a coach, maybe it’s you talking with a client. If you are a yoga teacher, maybe it’s you teaching a class. If you have a team of people you work with, maybe it’s all of you together.

2- There has to be a photo of YOU THAT CLARIFIES THE FEELING OF YOUR BRAND. Not just a head shot of you smiling at the camera, but a photo of you that says what you are all about. For example, if your brand is luxury and you are straight forward and professional, you need an image of you dressed to impress with a strong pose where you are making eye contact with the camera. If your brand is laid back, and you often virtually clients in yoga pants and you work from home, a photo of you on the couch with your pup looking casual would be much better than you dressed up in heels. The right image of you will make your clients get what you are all about.

3- You need to include photos of your services! Stock photos make you blend in, so having photos taken of your services is essential if you want to show why clients should choose you over your competitors. If you offer massage, acupuncture, and reiki – get photos of you doing all three of those things to put on your website. It’s also key to put yourself into these images so clients can see what it is like working with you! If they can envision themselves being in the photo, they are already a strong lead.

Want to see some examples of past clients that are doing all three of these things and seeing results?

Right away, you see the three of them! As you scroll down you see them dressed as they are. They are funky, a little rock and roll, and you get that from what they are wearing. They are also a family business and you can see that by the way they are interacting in the images. Finally, if you go to their packages page, you can see the different options they offer as DJ’s. Since they optimized their website with fresh images, they have seen an increase in bookings for 2020! Hooray!

They are a food creation company, meaning they help you develop your food product and bring it to the market. I love the image they chose for their banner because it says food creation. You meet the team below, and if you have a team, it’s essential to show your employees. Finally, you can go through their services page and see what it’s like to meet with them and talk to them. They launched their site a few months ago and people are loving what they are seeing. More data from this project to come.

Eric’s face comes up right away. He comes into your home to repair your sewer lines, so knowing who he is and what he’s all about makes potential customers more comfortable. He looks reliable and friendly, and the photos throughout his site show not only these emotions but him actually performing his services. Since launching his updated site in October, he’s had over a dozen new inquiries.

Go through your website now to see if you need to update your images. If so, I know a photographer who will dig into your brand and help you create the right images that will make your site stand out amongst the crowd!

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Do you have the right images on your website? Here are three great rules to follow when it comes to website images. | Angela Divine Photography | Minneapolis wedding + brand photographer | #branding #images #websitephotos | https://angeladivinephotography.com/images-for-your-website/

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