3 Messaging Mistakes Solopreneurs Make

Have you ever felt like posting on social media is a waste of time? If you are putting hours into picking your images and writing thoughtful captions but still not seeing results, it’s usually because your message is not clear.⁠

It’s so important in this world of noise to have a clear core message. This is the “seed” of your brand, and all of your social posts, blogs, website copy, and imagery needs to come from it. There are three common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make when it comes to their messaging.

1- They don’t think about the transformation of their client. What does your client gain from working with you or using your product? Think about THEIR story and how it makes them better. An exercise I’ve been through thanks to Story Brand by Donald Miller, and I also walk my clients through, is to write out- who is your client before they encounter you and what are they like after.

For example; I’m a brand photographer that helps solopreneurs stand out and connect with their audience online. Before my client works with me they are usually:
-using the same stock photos as their competitors
-they aren’t getting the engagement they want from their audience
-they feel in a rut because they are putting time into their social posts and blogs but not getting the response they want.
-are frustrated because they don’t have any images of themselves and are using the same old head shot over and over again.
-lack confidence in putting themselves out there.

Through working with me, my client transforms and then feels:
-excited they have their own library of “stock” images to use and keep for their website, blogs, and social needs.
-they stand out because they are using one-of-a-kind images.
-their audience starts to see their face and feels a connection.
-their audience sees them “in action” and can see themselves working with them
-they are excited to post on social because they have beautiful images
-they feel confident showing their face online

I highly recommend doing this exercise so you can think about your client’s transformation and speak to those points in your messaging!

2- They copy what others are doing instead of being themselves. If you are in a saturated market, it’s time to STAND OUT. If you are using the same images as your competitor (the succulent with the latte) then writing a caption that says “YAY, it’s FRIYAY!” then guess what? You are being basic, and not showing off what makes you unique. Dig into what makes your services unique and start sharing that! People who appreciate that will connect with you and want to know more!

3- They don’t show their face, only their services. If you are your service, aka you are your business, then you need to SHOW your face. I hear push back all the time from people who want to work with me saying, “I’m not comfortable in front of the camera.” Well, guess what? No one is. It takes people 23 times of seeing you to put your face to your business, so leverage that! Show up and talk about the transformation you bring, or why you started your business, or what inspires you on a daily basis. Sharing who you are visually and pairing it with content that digs into you and your stories is so powerful.

If you are struggling with your messaging, I’m here to help! I work with people on the photography side but also pair with others to get your messaging clear from your brand all the way out to your copy. I’m cohosting a workshop that is meant to do just that Nov. 1st! Check out the link below if you want more info! Once your message is clear, you will know because people will be cheering you on and recommending you to all their friends!
Clarify your brand workshop

A clear core message is crucial for business owners. Here are the top 3 mistakes solopreneurs make when it comes to branding and messaging. | Angela Divine Photography | Minneapolis wedding + brand photographer | #branding #brandmessage #minneapolis #clientexperience | https://angeladivinephotography.com/3-messaging-mistakes-solopreneurs-make/

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