How to Stay Grounded in 2019

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It’s officially 2019, and if you’re anything like me, a new year means new opportunities.  You want to do it all and have a lot of plans to step outside of your comfort zone.  You may have set new goals for your business or want to meet some new friends, which is great and totally deserves a thumbs up.  However, as we do explore new territory, it’s important for us to know our true worth so we can feel feel empowered by new experience rather than deflated.   One of the best ways to do just this is to practice some grounding.

Grounding can come in many forms, but I like to think about it in an energetic way.  I’m studying to be a reiki master, so energy is something that fascinates me.  As I’ve learned more about it, I’ve seen how powerful connecting with it can be.  Our grounding energy comes from our root chakras.

If chakra is a new word for you, it means energetic wheel.  There are seven major wheels of energy in the body and according to certain philosophies, and when all these wheels are spinning at the right pace, we have balanced energy.  Balanced energy equals good physical and mental health, so ideally, we want our chakras to be in balance.

The root chakra is the first of the seven wheels.  The word root gives it away.  This chakra is our connection to feeling grounded even when change and challenge come our way.  The stronger our roots, the more grounded we feel.  The more grounded we feel, the better we can enjoy life’s crazy antics.  When the root chakra gets off balance, usually due to change, we often feel fear and anxiety.  Luckily, there are simple things you can do to get your root chakra back into balance- aka ground yourself.

The color red is the color for the root chakra.  So wearing red, meditating on red, visualizing red, surrounding yourself with red, and so on, are easy ways to keep the root chakra happy.

Diet wise, the root chakra loves root vegetables.  Anything that grows in the earth helps to keep it in check.  Potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beats, and so much more can be eaten on the regular to help keep this energy center strong.

Sandalwood and frankincense are great essential oils and if you love crystals like me, anything red like agates and ruby’s keep it in check.  I also love bloodstone for first chakra healing.  There are chants or mantras you can bring into your life as well as root chakra healing tracks on Spotify.  You will hear the chant LAM, it’s seen sound.  Mantras you can make on the daily can include;

  • I feel deeply rooted
  • I am connected to my body and the earth
  • I feel safe and secure
  • I trust myself

A regular routine exercise, work, exploring, but also self care can be powerful.  Setting times for each thing and sticking to them is essential.

Yoga is another powerful tool I use when I need grounding.  Balancing postures as well as seated forward folding ones are especially designed to balance the root chakra.  I’m hosting a free yoga class a week from today (1/15) at 7pm at my studio for creatives and entrepreneurs.  The class will focus on grounding down and connecting to the root chakra.  If that sounds up your alley, check this out.

I hope you feel grounded while you enter these first months of 2019.  It is so exciting and necessary to explore new endeavors and try new things.  It’s even more exciting when you can do so from a grounded intentional place.


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