Thank you for hitting me with a Softball

hit softball

It took getting hit with a softball last week for me to have a major realization about how I’m living my life. I am over working myself to an unhealthy point, and I need to do something about it.

Last Tuesday during our softball game, I was nailed with a ball on my right hand. I wish there was a cool story, I wasn’t even in a play at the time. It was one of those I was in the wrong place at the wrong time situations.

My hand swelled up like a purple balloon, and for the rest of the game, I sat on the bench with a pack of ice and thankfully, a much needed beer.

After it happened, my first thought wasn’t about taking care of myself, but rather “WHAT DO I DO ABOUT TOMORROW?”

Wednesdays are a big day for me. If you didn’t know, I teach a hand full of yoga classes a week. I love teaching yoga, it’s amazing and I don’t want to stop. However, on Wednesdays, I have a 7am networking meeting then head straight to the yoga studio and teach a class. After that, I go home and take care of my dog, answer emails, try and work, then head back and teach two more classes. It’s a 13 hour day, and what keeps me going are the great humans I teach and connect with every Wednesday.

One handed and voice texting I reached out to my fellow yoga teachers to see if they could sub, and my stress level started to rise. Tears filled my eyes, and all I could think about is HOW AM I GOING TO GET THROUGH TOMORROW.

Luckily, I did get through the next day. I had to cancel everything, and thankfully, my sweet amazing manager at the yoga studio covered for me. If you are reading this, I LOVE YOU.

Although it all worked out, this made me think about my current schedule. I started looking at my calendar and realized that I need help. Help with managing my businesses, help with managing my schedule, and help with learning to take care of myself.

I built my photography business with the dream that it would create flexibility and freedom, and instead, it is consuming every spare moment I have.

I don’t think working hard is bad, especially when you have a dream and are starting a business. But I’ve been in business for 6 years. I think it’s time that I learn how to manage my schedule in a way that allows me to stay healthy and happy.

The point of this post is not to scare anyone away. My wedding and branding clients are priority, and I have to stay healthy so I can serve them in an exceptional way. What I need to do is learn how to say no when my life is full, and also create a manageable schedule.

So thank you to the softball that bruised my hand. This injury brought me to a place of realization, and I’m now ready to take control of my schedule.

I post on my personal blog every week in hopes of connecting with you. Please reach out to me if something resonates. Here’s a personal post from a few week ago-

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