Zion National Park Camping Adventure / March 2020

As the virus swept into the country, my husband and I ran off to Zion National Park for a camping adventure. We had these plans set before 2020 and figured camping is social distancing at it’s finest.

We arrived in Zion before any sort of shut down. The park felt normal, and people seemed happy and excited to get fresh air. We had a walk in campsite with a pergola, which would have been great if it was hot. However, our visit was full of rain and snow, and none of the walk in sites came with a campfire ring.

Luckily, our first day was nothing but sunshine! After our tent was pitched, we went on our first hike called Watchman trail. It was straight up a rock, but gave a beautiful view of the campground and park. We took a moment at the top to soak it all in, we had finally made it.

The next day we were greeted by rain in the morning. We cooked oatmeal on our camp stove just outside the tent and put on our long underwear, hats, and gloves to stay warm.

We took our car to the trailhead to do Zion’s most infamous hike, Angel’s Landing.

By the time we got up the mountain, the rain had turned to snow. Unlike the 20 something year olds around us, we were prepared with several pairs of gloves.

This hike is known for it’s narrow ledges, and to keep from falling off, there is a series of metal chains. We grabbed on and made our way slowly along the narrow rocks.

The snow had stopped, and the fog began to clear to reveal how high we actual were. We continued on with the mantra, “Don’t look down.”

Getting there was easy, but going back was the worst part. That’s where it got scary.

When we finally were back on a normal path, I told my husband I would never do that one again.

Up and down took us about 4 hours, so with tired legs we drove to different spots and enjoyed the views around us.

The next day was even colder than the one before. We packed up our supplies and headed off to Page, Arizona for the next leg of our adventure.
Zion National Park Landscape
Zion National Park top of Watchman Trail

Zion National Park Landscape

Watchman Trail Utah

Zion National Park Camping Adventure

Hiking in Zion National Park

Angel's landing

Zion Camping

Zion Park Waterfall

Like to travel? Me too! I’ll share the next post of our adventure next week, but in the meantime, here’s last year’s adventure to Patagonia.

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