The Craziest Week


This past week has been craaazzzy.  I’d also like to say it’s been exhausting- I have never been so tired- even two cold presses didn’t do the trick today.  Finally, I’d like to say it’s super exciting because….. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

Let me lay out the timeline – before going up North, we put our house on the market.  That was a Thursday, and with us gone for the weekend, we left our house on open status so people could come in for showings.  We had 28 showings in 2 days and when we returned on Sunday, we had 5 offers!  Our house got a lot of traffic and one person that decided to break a drawer in the fridge, thanks friend…

On Sunday (it was Grand Old Days) we accepted an offer on our house, which coincidentally enough, eight years ago to the day we met with our same realtor to meet about buying our first house,  the universe works in mysterious ways.  So, we sold our house and were told to be out in July.  We were homeless, not scary at all.

The next week, I saw 12 houses Tuesday.  We saw a couple ones we really liked, but sadly, nothing on the market was what we wanted.  We really needed 3 bedrooms and two full bathrooms, none of which we could really find.  The following day, we saw 3 more, and we loved all three.  After a long debate, we put an offer down on the house shown above.

It felt like the longest day ever, but Thursday, our offer was accepted and we are so excited to be moving to the Longfellow neighborhood July 21st!

We had the inspection today, and it went really well.  Our inspection came back great too, the only thing that’s left our the appraisals.

Although I feel like it’s a sure bet, I’m still hesitant to start taking things off the walls of our home until the appraisal comes back.  Who knows if our house will be worth as much as it sold for.  So for now, I’ll trust in the universe will work out and hope everything comes back as it should be!

This has really been a process- here’s my first blogs on this experience

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