Seven Rituals for Confidence

Seven Rituals for Confidence

Confidence is something I struggle with. I go through phases where I feel great and confident with who I am, but also the opposite. Lately, I’ve been on the upswing after a major down, and I DO NOT WANT to loose this upward momentum. Through the past several months, I’ve established seven rituals that have been essential in keeping my confidence steady.

1- Morning and Evening gratitude journal – I was gifted my first gratitude journal this past year, and it has encouraged me to start and end every day with gratitude. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrating emotions. This journal prompts me to start everyday by thinking of things I am grateful for, excited about, as well as an affirmation. The day ends with reflection on what went well, and how did I make a difference in the day. Overall, the experience of writing every morning and evening has made me feel confident, happy and so grateful for my life. Here’s the one I’m using currently.

2- Morning meditation – I am a huge meditator, but this last year has prevented me from visiting my usual meditation center. For a while, I lost my practice, and boy, could I tell the difference. I now put my phone on do not disturb and play an hour of “guided” meditation. Some days, I can’t do the whole hour, but even 20 minutes of mediation every morning sets me up to start my day with a clear yet focused mind.

3- Affirmations – I thought affirmations were a joke, but for past 2 months, I have been saying affirmations everyday. It has helped me gain confidence, clarity, and has pushed me through some tough situations. There is a lot of science behind how saying “I AM ……..” changes the chemistry of our brains. I now believe in myself more than ever.

4- Continued Education – I love learning, so continuing education is huge for me. Every month, I try and find an opportunity to learn more. There are great free events out there, but also paid communities that are worth investing in! I’m apart of a women’s circle, a weekly networking group, and a mastermind. All of which have paid for themselves. Invest in yourself if you love to learn.

5- Monthly dates with people who inspire me – Who you surround yourself with truly matters. For years, I didn’t see the value of networking or finding inspiring friends. But after 2 years of networking and establishing new friends, I can tell you that being around others that inspire you is essential! Even a quick coffee date can reset my confidence.

6- Dose of the outdoors – Minnesota winters are brutal, but 20 minutes outside a day, even in the cold, is key for my confidence and happiness. Maybe it’s the vitamin D, but a quick walk with my dog down to the river helps shift my attitude anytime I feel doubt.

7- Time with my husband/family – They are my best cheerleaders, so being around them is so helpful. They remind me that I am enough, and always tell me how proud they are of my achievements.

Those are the 7 pillars that are holding me up to my highest self. Thanks to these rituals, I feel better than I have in years about myself on not only a business level, but a personal level. If you are struggling, I have been there! I’m here to help! Hit me up on my website or through the social platform you found this post on. Let’s help each other out!

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