My Mastermind Experience

Mastermind Experience

I’ll be honest, 2019 started as rough for my business. I was down bookings, so I lowered my prices, and said yes to anyone that would hire me. In doing so, I put myself into some work that wasn’t the best fit, and worked with clients who wanted me to tone down my creativity and give them more of the normal. It went against everything in my brand, and through doing work that didn’t fulfill me creativity, I started to loose my spark for photography.

I saw myself as just another photographer, and this mindset poisoned not only my business but my personal life.⁠ I was living in fear. Fear that I would lose my business, fear that I wouldn’t be able to charge my worth, and fear that I would fail.

I knew something had to change, so in October, I joined the Uplevel Together Mastermind and put myself in a room full of entrepreneurs with the hope that this experience would help me transition from a wedding photographer to a brand photographer.

In 4 months, not only did I lay the framework to transition, but I gained 4 full time brand clients, and most importantly, found my confidence again. ⁠

When I told people I joined a mastermind, the first question often was “what is a mastermind?” A mastermind is a group of business owners who want to help each other level up through education, peer accountability, coaching, and much more. I had been eyeing several masterminds the past couple years, but never found one that was local (you can join one online) or fit in my schedule.

Fellow peers of mine had great things to say about Jasna Burza (she lead the mastermind and group) and funny enough, we go way back. I followed her mastermind group on social media, and told her to email me about the next sessions. It took about a year for the stars to align, but when it finally happened, I knew it was meant to be.

We met four times in person for about 6 hours with peppered in Zoom Calls with special guests and one on one coaching calls monthly. On the days we gathered as a group, Jasna would walk us through exercises, have experts come in to speak on topics, but also put us on the spot or in groups to work through challenges.

Besides the large group, we also were assigned a buddy and a smaller cohort to meet with. This provided an opportunity for us all to bond and work together on our own time.

Throughout the whole experience, I felt loved, supported, and that the other members genuinely wanted to help me. They provided advice, experience, listening ears, but also would like and share posts when it came to marketing events.

At the beginning, we were asked to write down goals for the mastermind. I wrote down that I wanted to gain 3 full time brand clients, lay the pavement to transition my business, find community, and learn how to work smarter not harder. Not only did I achieve all my goals, but I surpassed them and added on many firsts for my business like new services and hosting a giveaway.

The greatest achievement from this mastermind was never a goal, but something that has changed my life forever. Through this process, I got my confidence back. My mindset moved from a place of creating from fear to a place of creating for passion.

I now don’t fear what the future will bring, because I know that my fellow mastermind sister’s have my back, and so does Jasna. Failure is not something for me to be afraid of, because when I fail it makes me think and transition. If business hadn’t been so “bad” I would have never offered brand photography or joined the mastermind.

I now trust the universe, and have found a connection back to my spiritual roots. I feel like myself againf, and I can say with confidence (and a fist pump) that I AM WORTHY and I HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER THE WORLD.

If you are considering joining a mastermind, do your research. It’s a huge investment, so make sure you are investing your money and time wisely. Ask others about their experience or see if you can sit in on a session or at least meet with the leader.

Investing in this mastermind was the best decision I’ve ever made for my business, and my mental health. To Jasna and all the women that were apart of it; I LOVE YOU and am beyond grateful for your energy. You have given me my life back, thanks for believing in me.

I post on my blog weekly with the hopes of connecting and helping others. If you have questions about joining a mastermind, hit me up. Here’s another post I wrote wile in the mastermind.

Angela Divine Photography is a Minneapolis brand photographer and Minneapolis wedding photographer. Her magical approach to photography is for creative and caring brides and business owners who want to stand out from the crowd. She serves Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, and loves to travel worldwide.

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