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We are perfectly weird for one another.  That’s what our best man said at our wedding in his toast.  My husband is one of the silliest humans I have ever met, and for that I am so thankful.   I had these sweat shirts made for his birthday this past Saturday, and you better believe we wore them all day long.  We walked around our neighborhood with our dog during the afternoon, then out to the bar where we celebrated with friends.  We may have looked like dorks, but we were not ashamed. It hasn’t always been this way, there have been periods of my life where I would never wear anything matching with my partner, post it on social media, write a blog about it, or had even thought to had these made.  But right now, I’m comfortable in my skin, and embracing my true self has done some pretty amazing things, like help me meet this wonderful man here.  I wanted to blog about the one reason that’s always held me back from putting myself out there; and that’s because I’ve always wanted to be right for everyone. There have been periods of my life where I  was afraid who I was would turn off people off.  I lived a long time feeling that I had to be “right for everyone.”  In my younger years, this was in terms of making friends, and when I started my business, it became in terms of clients.  And it makes sense, when you are new to something, you are willing to take anyone, anything, and everything. Whether it be when I was transitioning from middle school into high school, or starting my photography business, I was just trying to survive. That meant adapting who I was with so I could serve them.  Although this wasn’t all bad- it helped me make some friends and start my business, I wasn’t being true to who I was. I remember telling my now husband I felt like I was lying on social media.  I was just trying to blend in, appeal to the masses, and it wasn’t me. It took a while and some encouragement, but when I started showing up as the real me, things not only felt better, but I made authentic connections.  Whether it be with friends, clients, or fellow entrepreneurs, the more I put my weird self out there, the more I am finding the right people.  People who can relate, people want to connect, people that share the same life values. You don’t have to be right for everyone, and you won’t be.  I took me a long time to get over this fear, but doing so has been great.  I encourage you to show up authentically, especially if you’re different. I blog each week something personal about myself in hopes that we can connect.  If this spoke to you at all, please leave a comment on the social media post that brought you here, or send me a message. I would love to hear more about your story. Here are some other personal blog posts – https://angeladivinephotography.com/greatest-gift/ https://angeladivinephotography.com/combining-forces-strengthening-our-bond/]]>

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