The Greatest Gift From My Husband

In honor of my husband’s birthday, I wanted to share the greatest gift he’s given me.  It isn’t the hiking boots, a membership to the Seward Coop, bouquets of flowers, or my matching Zelda t-shirt and socks.  It’s his gift of perspective. When I say his perspective, I’m referring to his ability to listen, filter, then call me out when I’m not seeing things clearly. As a business owner, I get in my head a lot.  This leads to me feeling stressed, anxious, worried, and overwhelmed.  To top it all off, sometimes he will find me working when I have promised not to.  This is when his perspective is beyond valuable. He asks me what’s going on and will listen as my broken thoughts come out.  He then gives me his two cents which is often, “everything is going to be fine,” which so far, it has been (knocking on all the wood.)  Usually, he’ll then suggest that I take a break. At first, he was afraid of doing this because I never listened, but I’ve learned how wise he is with this one.  So we will go walk the dog, watch a movie, or sometime have an impromptu date night.  It always turns my frown upside down, and we end up having a wonderful time. Without my husband’s perspective, I would constantly be spinning the wheels of stress.  I sometime focus too much on what’s in front of me.  It’s hard to free myself of my work, especially when I do all the jobs for my business.  My husband has helped me understand that when things become overwhelming in my world, all I need is a step back to see the bigger picture.  And for that, I am beyond grateful. I love you Tom!  Happy Birthday!   I share a personal blog post once a week on my blog in hopes of connecting with my readers.  If this story has somehow struck a chord with you, please share a comment on the social media platform you read this on.  If you want more about our marriage, here’s another blog post.      ]]>

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