The Pink Dumbo

pink dumbo
On my first trip to Disneyland, I would only ride the pink dumbo. I don’t know why I was so demanding.  I mean, I was only four years old.  Apparently, pink was my color.
My parents were compassionate enough to oblige to my request, and with only two pink dumbos for me to ride, they would patiently wait in line with me, ride cycle after ride cycle, until one of them were available.
My parents have told me this story many times with smiles and laughter.   I of course don’t remember this, but sure wish I did.   I recently asked them why they allowed me to have this preference.  Wasn’t it annoying and rude?  If it were me, I would have probably told my kid to cut it out and get on the ride.
They assured me it was fine, and they would do anything to see one of their kids so happy.   They also said that as silly as it was for me to only want the pink one, I was behaving politely.  I wasn’t crying or pouting, I didn’t throw a tantrum.  I was being patient, and would let others go in front of me until the pink one was available.
My parents are still as compassionate and patient as ever, and I like to think that their values have rubbed off on me.  I always try to consider others time and energy.  I am more patient now then I have ever been, and it just makes life easier.
Pink is no longer my color, so if I were back in Disneyland, I would ride any of the Dumbos.  But who knows, maybe one day I have a daughter who was the same request.
Thanks for reading friends, have a great Tuesday.
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