Who Needs Personal Brand Photography

In 2018, I started offering a new service to my business; personal brand photography. This type of photography is geared toward entrepreneurs who are using social media to build their business. Personal brand photography is a powerful tool that will help them connect with and grow their audience by creating a strong visual narrative.

Personal Brand Photography for Business Coaches

So who really needs this type of photography? If YOU are your brand, then growing a personal brand is key to standing out from your competition.

Why? People will connect to a person far more than they will ever connect to a brand, so putting yourself out as the face of your business will allow to to grow a real connection and following.

Who needs Personal Brand Photography

Growing a personal brand allows you to have multiple services and offerings. This is great for entrepreneurs who do more than one thing.

For example, if you are an author, a motivational speaker, and a life coach, then having a personal brand allows you to do all these things under one name. Instead of 3 websites, 3 Facebook accounts, and 3 Instagram accounts, you can umbrella it all under one and make your life a lot easier.

Another powerful thing about growing a personal brand is you create a real connection and following with your audience by sharing your life.

Yes, I know it can be scary to show others who you are behind the scenes, but if you show your audience who you are, why you do what you do, and what you stand for, you start to attract the right people. These people become your referral partners, your cheerleaders, and your community.

Personal Brand Photography Session for Web Designer

Social media is now saturated with content. People have short attention spans and can scroll right past you. With the right images, you can catch their attention. They will stop and see who you are and why you are worth paying attention to.

Personal brand photography may be a new piece to my business, but it is one I’m so passionate about. I love working with creative and caring entrepreneurs who are using their services to create good in the world. If my photography can help them connect with someone in their audience that needed their help and inspiration, then it brings the meaning of what I do up to a whole new level.

If you are curious about what these sessions entail or if you have an entrepreneur friend who is trying to grow their personal brand, reach out to me on my website. I would love to connect and provide more information.


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