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Colee Recke is a local Minneapolis artist who uses a variety of mediums, including watercolor, acrylic paint, alcohol inks, and resin. She moved into a studio in the Northrup King Building and creates new work monthly to display and sell. We took some photos to show off her art, but also so she could come out from behind her pieces and show her face in her brand photography artist session.

Minneapolis Brand Photography for Artist Colee Recke sitting

Colee’s paintings are bright, colorful, and fun. They are meant to express the awe and wonder she witnesses around her every day, as well as remind the viewer that the world is vibrant and beautiful. Although a viewer may feel a connection to her pieces on their own, putting a face to the artist and sharing why she creates her paintings makes the connection even more powerful.


Like her pieces, Colee loves wearing vivid clothing. She brought a few vintage pieces that matched the colors of her paintings.

I had her pose with her pieces to show her audience that there is a relationship between what she wears and how she paints.

Instead of stiff headshots where she simply smiled at the camera, I had Colee twirl in her skirt and dance around to show the joy and vibrancy of who she is as a human.

Minneapolis Brand Photography for Artist vivid colors

artist posing with paintings

She also brought some of the tools she uses as she paints. I photographed her holding her brushes and palette knives so she could share how she creates her pieces with her audience as well.

Minneapolis Brand Photography for Artist brushes and tools

Finally, we staged a few images of her painting so she could tell her audience how it feels when she paints, where she likes to paint, and what inspires her to work on a piece.

Minneapolis Brand Photography for Artist painting

These images are meant to pair with her stories and experiences so her audience will connect not only to her art, but to her as the artist.
Minneapolis Brand Photography for Artist posing

People will always connect with people more than any object, including art, which is why brand photography for artists can be what makes a local artist get noticed.

Brand photography is great for artists, bloggers, influencers, educators, and entrepreneurs who want to become the face of their business. Want to see more of my brand photography sessions? Check out the link below.

These pictures are from a personal brand photography session for Minneapolis artist Colee Recke, who who uses a variety of mediums, including watercolor, acrylic paint, alcohol inks, and resin. The photos portray the joy and vibrancy she exudes through her paintings and her personality. | Angela Divine Photography | Minneapolis wedding + brand photographer | #branding #personalbrand #minnesota #artist #painting | https://angeladivinephotography.com/minneapolis-brand-photography-artist

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