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Starfire Coaching aims to help seekers, leaders & entrepreneurs live their highest truths and unlock their limitless potential. She offers a combination of spiritual and marketing coaching to help those in the wellness field build their brand. In doing so, she wanted a personal brand photography session to help build her own brand. We photographed several of the rituals and routines she uses on herself and clients to tell them the story of why she does what she does, but also the passion and meaning behind them.

Branding Photos Ascension Coach alignment

We started her session at Starfire’s home. She has a daily routine of self-care that starts with watering her plants, hanging with her adorable cats, and meditating. All of these pieces align her to be the best she can be so she can help her clients do the same.

Branding Photos Ascension Coach watering plants

Branding Photos Ascension Coach playing with cats

playing with cats

Branding Photos Ascension Coach meditation

Starfire is a believer in the power of journaling and sacred geometry. We created images of her doing both of these routines so she can explain the power of these rituals to her clients.

Branding Photos Ascension Coach sacred geometry


She uses several spiritual tools in her practice like drums, singing bowls, crystals, incense/sage, and oracle/tarot cards.

Branding Photos Ascension Coach tarot cards

tarot cards

We made our way outside to show her connection to the earth. She loves meditating by walking through the forest and believes in embracing the beauty and power of nature in all seasons.

Branding Photos Ascension Coach outside in nature

forest walk

The final ritual we photographed was a smudging ceremony. Starfire uses smudging to clear away negative energy and invite new beginnings to arise.

Branding Photos Ascension Coach smudging ceremony

She is using these images currently on her Instagram to explain the whys behind who she is but also what she does as an ascension coach.

To fit in with her brand, her photos needed to feel raw and witchy (in a modern way), but also consist of a color palette of grays, greens, and blacks with geometric patterns. She wants people to see these photos and feel her magical vibe since her audience is drawn to spiritual connections.

Starfire Coaching’s personal branding session was one of my favorites to date. She’s real, authentic, and unafraid to be herself. Through these images, she was able to tell her stories, share her rituals, and show her audience why being true to you really matters.

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These pictures are from a personal brand photography session for Ascension Coach / Starfire Coaching, who helps seekers, leaders, and entrepreneurs live their highest truths and unlock their limitless potential. The photos portray the rituals and routines she uses on herself and her clients. | Angela Divine Photography | Minneapolis wedding + brand photographer | #branding #personalbrand  #minnesota #spirituality #wellness |

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