Los Angeles, California

My husband and I work seasonally with our careers, so every year we take a quick vacation right after Christmas. It offers us a chance to reconnect and recollect before the new year hits. This year was no different, and we traveled to the West Coast to Los Angeles, California to see our favorite band, Dead and Company..

Hermosa Beach, California

Beach Side in Southern California

We landed in Los Angeles in the morning, and within an hour, we were in our rental care and at Hermosa Beach. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day and everyone was out and about. After lunch, we took off our shoes and walked the beach, enjoying the sand between our toes.

Los Angeles, California

The next day, we went north to Santa Monica for a yoga class at one of my favorite studios, Bhakti Yoga Shala, followed by a scenic hike. We took a trail less than five minutes from downtown that lead us up a cliff that overlooked not only the ocean, but the Los Angeles skyline.

After two nights of incredible views and music, we packed up our car and headed north to San Fransisco. We cruised the coastal highway and the 101 and ended up near Santa Cruz after sunset. After dinner, we headed to our sleeping spot in Boulder Creek, nestled in a Redwood Forest. The next morning, we hit the road to hike through Big Basin State Park, which is California’s first state park.

Big Basin State Park, California

Giant Redwoods in California

It rained the night before, so the forest was foggy and damp. The sunshine poked through as the afternoon rolled in and made the bark of the Redwood trees steam. It was real neat.

Redwood Forest, California

Boulder Creek, California

We hiked the Sequoia trail which lead us to many ginormous trees throughout the park. Pro tip; get there early. By the time we finished our 2 hour hike, the parking lot was full.

San Fransisco from the Mountains

Our next stop was San Fransisco, so we headed north once again through the mountains toward the city. There were some great overlooks from the mountains that showed off the beauty of the bay area.

After we arrived in San Fransisco, I put my camera down for most the trip. We love the West Coast, and would love to move there. The timing isn’t right, just yet, so for now, I’ll just keep a place in my heart for California.

California’s north coast is also a favorite of ours. Check it out in the blog below.

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