How to Unplug as a Solopreneur

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Do you ever wish your car was a giant unicorn floaty and the lake was your road? I sure do.

Unplugging as a solopreneur is really tough, especially when you are the one doing everything in your business. Over the years, I’ve struggled with unplugging, even when I was on vacation. But practice makes perfect, and this past weekend I was 100% unplugged and living my best life. Here are some tips on how to plug as a solopreneur.

1. Schedule out your social posts.

If you are not using a third party app to schedule your social media posts, then you are truly missing out. Third party apps are great for scheduling out your social media posts so you don’t have to even think about distracting yourself when you unplug.

I love the app Later and pay $9/month for the ability to auto posts and use it’s other features. Later also has a free version, but as a photographer, I often show multiple photo posts which are only available with the upgrade.

Another option is to also STOP posting on social while you are gone. Either way you want to go about it, logging onto social media will bring you right back to the business world. So do yourself a favor and stay off those platforms.

2. Try and catch up on work before you feel behind.

One of the biggest struggles as a solopreneur is after you take time off, you have sooo much work to catch up on! It can almost feel like a bigger hassle to take a weekend off from work then to work casually during the weekend. Try and catch up or do a few thing before so you won’t feel behind.

This could be as simple as writing next week’s blog, scheduling out emails for Monday, or scheduling your social media posts. If you can plan out when you are traveling and what needs to be done before you go, you can come back and feel refreshed.

3. Set up your vacation response in your email.

Gmail makes it easy to set up a vacation responder! In about five minutes, you can write out your own tailored response so when emails come through, you don’t feel the pressure to respond. I always put in my responder when I will be returning emails and make it a DAY LATER than. This “buffer” gives you time to get back to people at your own pace but also look really good if you respond before you said you would.

4. Leave your computer, phone, and any other accessories behind.

If you bring work with you, it’s easier to work. So put your phone on airplane mode, swap your laptop for a good book, and let yourself just be. It’s hard to unplug, but when you don’t have the means to work, it makes it even easier to say goodbye for even a few days.

5. If your mind is racing, try some moving meditation.

I used to get anxious on vacation and felt unable to relax, even when I did all the above. Trying some sort of moving meditation will not only promote relaxation but help keep your mind calm and at peace. Types of moving meditation can include; going for a walk, rocking in a hammock, yoga or exercise, counting your breath, paddling a kayak or canoe, swimming, or my personal favorite, pushing your floaty into the lake then letting the wind push you back – then repeat.

I hope these tips can help solopreneurs unplug. Unplugging is a must for your health and happiness. So take out your calendar, and block off a day or two where you can practice the power of relaxation.

Want another great business tip on how to unplug? I share about how I’m saving 4 hours of work a week thanks my virtual assistant!

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