10 Ways I Turn Around a Bad Day

We’ve all been there.  That day where everything is just off.  The world looks sad, everything seems to be falling apart, and on top of it all, something that normally isn’t a big deal happens, but on this day it’s the cherry on your sad sundae.

I was there last week.  Bad news layered with more bad news, things were rough and ugly.  When I get to this point, sometimes it feels like there’s no return- so this last year, I’ve come up with a list of things that help shake off the negative vibes.  I try them in order, and if by the end of the list it’s still a bad day, then it’s time to go to sleep and hope tomorrow’s a better day.

  1. Big old Bubble Bath- Self care is huge for making me feel nurtured.  A bubble bath is my favorite method for making a bad day better, especially in the winter.  I have lots of bath recipes, but my current system includes- Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt and bubble bath solution, a few drops of lavender essential oil, SheaMoisture Sensitive Skin Rose face mask, and as many candles as possible.
  2. Tots, tots and a side of tots.  I can’t get enough of these potato nuggets!  If it’s been a real bad day, I like to make my own dipping sauces and won’t share.
  3. A trip to the Minnehaha Falls Dog Park- it’s harder in the winter to motivate myself to do this one, but getting out into nature with my dog always helps resets me.  What I love about the Minnehaha Falls dog Park is not only the nature, but the incredible interactions between dogs.  This place is doggy heaven and every dog there is running around and having the time of his or her life.  Dogs are so present, and seeing my dog happily playing and enjoying nature reminds me that my problems are minimal and I should be present too.
  4. Putting on comedic podcast of movie- distracting my brain with comedy always helps.  Right now, I’m obsessed with a podcast called And That’s Why We Drink. It’s a paranormal and true crime podcast but somehow is done in a way that makes it fun to listen to.  I highly recommend checking it out.  Some movies that always turn my frown upside are- Talladega Nights, Zoolander, and Billy Madison.
  5. Staying away from social media- I’m over the trolls, the popularity contest, and the politics. On a bad day, seeing all these things only makes things worse.
  6. Painting- I don’t do it enough anymore, but I notice when I paint, my life is better.  Making any kind of art is therapeutic and good for the soul.
  7. Music- especially some STS9– putting on some of my favorite albums will always shift my mood- especially my favorite band, STS9.  If you’ve never heard of them, check them out, but pllleeaassseee listen to Artifact and their live albums first (not a fan of their newest album but I still love them and will be seeing them next week!)  Other artists that fill me with happy vibes, the Grateful Dead, anything with Jerry Garcia, the Motet, and the Talking Heads.
  8. Some real hot yoga- another option that is more appealing in the winter, but hot yoga just melts the negativity right out of me.
  9. Nachos from Taco Cat– if you have never ordered Taco Cat, you should just do it right now.  Their nachos are unreal.  They have this topping that has pickled radishes, onions, and corn that is top notch.  The tacos and burritos are also really good, so you can’t go wrong with any order.
  10. Snuggles from my man and dog- unless they are the cause of a really bad day, snuggling, hugging, holding these two family members helps the pain of a bad day fade away.

Those are the eight things that I do- usually in order- when I need to turn a bad day around.  What helps you?  Drop me a message, comment on my post, let’s work it out.

I post a personal blog each week.  Sometimes they are silly, sometimes they have depth, other times I just have writers block and have no idea what to say, but I appreciate you reading!   If you ever have suggestions, I’m listening!

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