Why Getting Fired was the Best Thing



Let’s face it, we all make mistakes.  Sometimes we simply just don’t know, sometimes we try our best and it’s not enough.  It’s hard to admit the mistakes we make or the times we just fail, but those experiences are so valuable.  They make us stronger, and sometimes show us a new path.

The summer of 2011, I was comfortably working at a restaurant.  I say comfortably, because I had been there for four years.  I trained people in, was friends with my co-workers, and worked out a great schedule that allowed me to make a living while pursuing my passion for photography.  My boyfriend, now husband, and I were also in the process of buying a home.  Things were good, plans were in the works.

I showed up for my shift on a Friday morning and was not assigned a section.  I didn’t think anything of it but was pulled aside by my brand new boss who I had literally met three times.  He sat me down with another manager and asked me if I remembered a table who had complained about the food the night before.  I remembered, and was asked to explain what happened, which to make a long story short, they didn’t like the food and when they reordered, they really didn’t like the food.  My new boss read aloud an email that the table had sent, which not only complained about the food, but ripped me to shreds because I couldn’t satisfy their needs.  I tried to defend myself, because I was a goood server and I know this because I love people, I love helping people, and had many other emails sent to my managers about how great I was.  It was no use, my new boss’s mind was already made up.  I was fired.  When the f word came out of his mouth, I was shocked.  Really?  Really?  One table complains when 100’s have complimented and I’m fired?  He then rubbed salt in the wound by telling me I was not allowed back into the building…like I wanted to come back there…. and as the tears rolled down my face, I picked my sad self up, and made my way home.  It was literally one of the most traumatic moments of my life at the time, but now a moment that I AM SO THANKFUL FOR and here’s why!

This door closed, and so many more opened.  A week after I was fired, my great aunt was very ill and I was able to spend her final moments with her.  A month after I was fired, I found a new serving job, but during my time off, I worked hard at pursuing my dream of photography and found an amazing internship and booked a few weddings.  Those clients referred me to others which lead to more weddings, which has lead me to be living my dream right now.

Getting fired from that job was one of the best things that ever happened to me!  One door closed, and so many more opened.  We all struggle, we all fail, we all make mistakes, and that’s how life is, but keep your head up.  If  you are able to wipe the tears away and see the opportunities that something like this may bring, you may find something even better!

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