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Last week, a hand written letter showed up on my door from a past client.  The card inside was filled with incredibly kind words paired with a gift certificate to my favorite place in Minneapolis; Taco Cat.  Side note- If you have never been to Taco Cat, do yourself a favor and order it right now!  I’m no longer in the delivery zone, but this place delivers by bike or you can pick it up in the Midtown Global Market.  Tacos are not just one of my favorite foods, but a dinner staple in our household since they can be made vegan for me and full of cheeses and meats for my husband and any dinner guests.  Tacos are well enjoyed now, but did you know they have been around since the 1500’s?  Here’s some Taco History Trivia for you;

Franciscan Friar Bernardino de Sahagun was sent to the New World (Mexico) in 1529 to document the customs of the Aztecs.  His reports included their use of corn, tortillas, tamales and chiles, which is one of the first documented transcripts on tacos.

In the 1800’s, Mexican silver miners used the words tacos de minero (miner’s tacos) to describe gunpowder rolled up in paper which were used to blast the walls of the mines.

In the 1920’s, Taco carts from Mexico started to appear in the Southwestern United States, marking the beginning of American’s introduction to tacos.

The word Taco can translate to “light lunch” but if you are like me, you’ll eat them anytime and anywhere.  I hope you enjoyed learning about the history of tacos and how that delicious shells filled with spices and seasonings made in your mouth.

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