Our First Tradition / Holiday Planter

Holiday Planter 2019

Once a year, my husband and I partner up to decorate our planter. It’s our first real tradition since we moved into our home, and every time we collaborate, it strengthens our bond.

Tom sees things in 3D and can built just about anything. I on, the other hand, only work in 2D. Crafting something together combines both of our skills.

Since Tom has the hookup (he works in the horticultural field), he brought home some leftover supplies from work. 

We used:
3 bundles of spruce trees
4 bundles of red dog wood
2 hydrangeas
1 silverbell
various scraps of white pine and balsam branches

Once we removed some soil, we started creating layers. Layers break up the space and give you room to play with color and texture.

Spruce tips were first to go in on the back. Tom set the focal point with a large piece that we build around.

Once the tips were in, we added a layer of red dog wood.

The newest touch was silver bells. We made it a focal point by putting it into the center.

We added some hydrangeas to frame the center then magnolia leafs tied into bundles.

To make it cascade, we added some white pine and balsam branches to the front that went over the edge.

Want to see our planter from last year? It was more colorful, but I like this year’s just as much.

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