One Year Anniversary in our New Home

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One year ago, my husband and I opened a new chapter by moving into a new home in the Longfellow neighborhood.  The transition was a little rough, considering we both work seasonally and it was in the peak of both our seasons, but it has been so worth it.  We love our new home and location and couldn’t be happier.  Since it has been a year, I wanted to share a few of the projects we are currently working on in our newish home.

One project that we’ve almost completed is our master bedroom upstairs.  We first ripped out the pink carpet and replaced it with wood.  We then painted the walls and installed a ceiling fan.  Our next step will be to install a fireplace, move our bed up there, and add a new closet door.  We are hoping to be all settled in our new room in November.

My husband has been working on our yard all summer.  When we moved in, it was beautiful.  Large flower beds and shrubs, nice maintained grass, but over the last year, we’ve noticed that there are some drainage problems.  My husband works for Phillips Garden and is the manager of all installation projects, so one thing new knows is how to grade a property.  He has currently helped with moving water flow out of the garage (we had an ice rink as a floor last year) and he will continue working on it until water will be moved away from the basement. We have had no problems with water in the basement yet, but have a sub pump and would prefer not to even have to use it.  This is a huge project that we hope to complete by 2019.

Last on our list (for now) is to have vents and fans installed in each of the bathrooms.  We currently have windows, but in one of our bathrooms, we can’t shower since the window would get all wet and cause rotting to the wood.  Once we have the fans, we will replace that window with a glass block and have two full functioning showers.  We can’t wait.

If you haven’t been over to our new place, hit us up!  We would love it if you could stop by and enjoy a nice summer evening on our back patio.  We are so lucky to have found a great home in Longfellow and have already started calling this our “forever home.”


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