After Nine Years Love is More than Passion

“Love is more than passion- it is more about patience and your willingness to work as a team.”  This quote came from my husband (Tom) last night as we made dinner.  We were talking about our first official date, which was nine years ago from Sunday.  I asked him what he thought has kept us together through our struggles and challenges, and that’s what he said, and he is so right. 

Most relationships start because passion, and ours was no different.  Tom and I started as friends.  We ran in similar circles and started running into each other all over.  He developed a crush on me, and at first, I wasn’t interested.   But as we spent more and more time together, our friendship turned into something more, and boom, passion was all that was there.

Passion took us to many places.  We bought a home, adopted a dog, and eventually decided to get married.  Once we were married, we thought it would be just as it was, but after five years together, our lives had officially become one, and that meant we had to care for each other’s responsibilities.

We really had to be there for one another, especially at times where we didn’t want to be.  Tom’s problems were now mine and mine were now his.  We were challenged in ways we didn’t imagine and at times we both would admit we didn’t like each other.

Luckily, we had patience and stood by one another.  Being there for each other helped us realize that we are a team, and the success of our relationship could only come from working with each other.

Nine years later, we are still happily together.  Tomorrow we are celebrating our nine year “date-a-verary” with a walk through the woods followed by a nice dinner at one of our favorite spots.

Many things can help keep a relationship strong, but if you want our advice, you will always need patience and the ability to work together through life’s challenges.  Passion can only take a relationship so far.

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