Five Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer

keep your dog cool during summer

If we are out and about on a hot day, at least 15 strangers will comment on how hot Zelda must be with her big fur coat.  Yes, Zelda prefers the winter but she’s ok- in fact, her coat helps keep her cool which is we do not and can not shave her.  Here are a few other ways we keep Zelda cool in the summer season in hopes that they will inspire you to do the same with your pup.

Cool Wet Dirt– The first year we had Zelda, our yard looked like a battlefield.  She dug about ten holes throughout our back yard and would lay in them.  At first, we had no idea why and thought she was just digging to dig, but after some research, we found out that’s how she keeps cool.  Cool wet dirt feels real good on her skin, so now we have a designated hole where she can cool off on the daily.  Her hole is shaded and next to our stucco garage.  Whenever I water the yard, I hose it down so it stays nice and wet for her.  So let your dog dig a hole! If that’s not possible, create a sand box or gravel pit.  We had a gravel pit for Zelda at our last house and she loved it!

Walks to the River- Zelda doesn’t love to fully submerge in the water, but loves to wade.  I can imagine getting her coat wet feels so good, so in the summer, especially on a really hot day, we always walk to the river.  There’s some great trails that lead down to the River Parkway all over the city, and the Minnehaha Falls dog park is on the rivers edge.  Bring your dog down that way on a hot summer day and join us for a swim.

Frozen Treats- When she behaves, Zelda cools down with a nice frozen treat.  She loves ice cubes, but you can pour beef or chicken broth into the ice cube tray for some great frozen treats.  We often fill her kong with peanut butter or yogurt then stick in the freezer too if she’s going to be home alone for a while.  It’s cool refreshing and keeps her busy for a while.  All of these treats are super easy and inexpensive so try them out on your furimals.

Sprinklers and Mini Pool- When the humidity is up there, Zelda really appreciates a run through the sprinkler or wading in a mini pool.  I remember as a kid, I loved doing both these things.  One time we set up a slip and slide for a party and Zelda absolutely loved it.  She thought it was her own personal drinking fountain.  Give your dog an opportunity to cool off and you can water your yard at the same time- that pool water has to go somewhere, right?

Concrete Basement- Zelda isn’t well enough behaved to be trusted with the entire house when we are gone (she likes to chew when she gets anxious) so when we do have to leave her in the warmer months, we do so in our cool concrete basement.  We turn on the radio, leave her a frozen treat and bone, and she lays sideways to cool down.  This may seem obvious, but leave your dog in a cool place when you leave the house.  If you don’t have a cool floor for them to lay on, pick a shaded spot and turn on a fan, put on the A.C. if possible, or freeze a couple water bottles and wrap them in towels for some cool side of the pillow action.

I hope these tips help keep your dog cool in the summer.  If they can work for Zelda, I’m sure they will work for your dog and make their summer extra enjoyable.

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