How to Grow your Business Despite the Pandemic / Interview with Minneapolis Business Owners

How to Grow your business during the pandemic

Are you struggling to Grow your business due to the pandemic?

The past few months for small business owners have been extremely tough. Most of us have had to close our doors, and with future in person events cancelled throughout the rest of 2020, we’ve had to make changes to our services, business models, and spending.

I went on the search to find small business owners who have made moves to pivot, find new ways to serve their clients, and have seen an increase in revenue.

After speaking with several local MN business owners, there is a common thread that has helped all of them through this time; they built a strong foundation and kept putting themselves out there.

Lake Anama Wellness

Sydney Ward of Lake Anama Wellness is a yoga teacher and healer. After booking corporate clients and in person workshops, the pandemic hit, and everything cancelled.

Instead of panicking, she immediately shifted her services to virtual. She already had virtual services of tarot readings and Reiki healing, but decided to turn these pieces up a notch by offering it to groups vs individuals.

She worked with business coach and copywriter before the pandemic and built a strong foundation for her brand. It made it easier for her to shift her services and offerings because these pieces were already in place.

Once she launched her new services, she asked for feedback and kept making adjustments until things were running smoothly.

Her advice to fellow business owners is to put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and use your current network to see what they need during this time.

Nourish Move Love

Lindsey, owner of Nourish Move Love, found herself fortunate that her business was already online. With the stay at home order in effect, more eyeballs were online, and she was ready.
In the last few months, she has seen double the traffic to her website, but noticed there wasn’t a huge increase in revenue.

Luckily, people like Lindsey, value the long game. Through putting out more content and free offerings, she builds the know, like and trust factor with her audience. Once they see financial security, they will more likely to pay for her services because they already feel connected and like she has served them value.

Her advice to fellow business owners is to keep serving your clients and stay true to your niche! The online world is louder than ever with so many people going virtual. Instead of copying what others are doing, be true to you. If you build a strong brand with a clear message, it will reach the right people.

Sue Sexton
Sue Sexton also feels fortunate that her services are needed more than ever. She is a physcotherapist who has shifted everything to virtual during this time.

When the stay at home order came into play, she knew there were no more excuses to put things out there, and didn’t hold back. Instead of just serving her current clients, she has created connection by pulling people together and finally started her You Tube channel.

She is offering her clients more value than ever and has a team that helps her put it all together so she doesn’t burn herself out.
Her advice to fellow business owners is to fill your cup first. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your business doesn’t have to either. But take it in little pieces, ask for help or hire help when you need, and don’t be afraid to put out content that you have been holding back.

Sidney Barns Sidney Barnes of SJ Barnes Marketing and Design.
She has had a lot of business owners reach out about polishing up their brand during the pandemic.

It makes sense; home owners are doing home improvement projects, so why wouldn’t business owners do their own with their website, marketing and branding?

Sidney also believes that her business has been gaining traction since she rebranded with her new website. Potential clients now take her more seriously because she looks more professional. She’s been doing branding and marketing for 5 years, and is go glad her experience is now reflected in her website. The pay off has been worth it for her.

Her advice is to step up your game during this time. If you can’t work with others, work on your brand, website, and marketing strategy. Getting these pieces in place now will lead to success in the future, because when you are in business for the future, playing the long game matters.

The most beautiful thing about being a small business owner is that you have the power to make changes. All of these wonderful people believe that you need to put yourself out there’d serve your clients. This will help build a strong foundation. Instead of hitting the panic button, ask your current network for help or see what they need, create what you can for them, and play the long game.

Feeling inspired to make some moves towards growth? Me too! This is a great blog for a first step on making your website better!

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