How Nature Resets Us


A few weeks back, I hung my hammock between two trees right next to a river. I was in the picnic area of a state park, and although it was a Saturday afternoon, there weren’t many people around. It was quiet, serene, and the moment was absolutely perfect. I cracked open a book, would read a few pages then close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the river.

After a few hours of relaxing and reading, I felt revived, free, and peaceful. I couldn’t help but wonder what is it about nature that makes me feel this way? It just so happens that natural settings have this affect on everyone and have the ability to recharge our bodies and minds. In other words, nature resets us.

According to the book, “Joyful” by Ingred Fetell Lee being in nature sparks joy. More people visit US national park and zoos then professional sporting events, and interactions with plants and animals are essential to our health.

In a chapter she calls, “Freedom” she relays to studies that show how nature can improve our sleep cycle and decrease our blood pressure.

There was study done in the late 70’s- early 80’s hat observed patients who had gallbladder surgery. The ones who had a natural view out of their window recovered much quicker than the ones who didn’t have large windows or a view of trees.

There are many more studies out there that show that spending time in nature exposes us to low levels of stress. When we are able to let go of making quick decisions, communicating with others about business, and detaching from traffic and schedules, we as well start to lower our levels of stress.

Makes sense right?

So nature truly has the power to bring us joy, lower our stress levels, and recharge our bodies and minds.

I’ve always used nature in this way, and I hope after reading some of the scientific proof, you will try it on too.

If you want some inspiration on where to go around MN to get a good old does of nature, check out my blog posts below.

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