It Started with a Flat Tire and Ended with Margaritas and Sledding

Tuesday morning, the day after the snow-apocalypse, I left my house extra early for my commute to ONX studios in Eagan to teach my weekly hot yoga class.  The roads in Minneapolis were a mess.  Some plowed, some not plowed, so I took my time slowly and steadily moving through the snow and onto the main plowed side streets.  I eventually made it to the highway, and as I started to accelerate my car past 40 miles an hour, it started to shake side to side.  I knew something was wrong, but there wasn’t a place for me to pull over- literally the sides of the highways were still covered with snow.   I pulled off as soon as I could and into a gas station where I saw what I expected- a flat tire.

I filled it up in a hurry, so I wouldn’t be late to my class, then stress texted my husband my anxieties.  He didn’t respond- I figured as such- he was at work, so I went into class after adjusting my attitude with some optimism at the fact that I would have to figure it out in an hour when it was over.

During the last breathing exercise, I looked out the window and saw his red Dodge truck pull into the parking lot.  My heart started dancing inside, I knew now that he was going to help me figure out what to do.  After the class, he greeted me at my car with a hug, smile, and good news. He had deflated my tire and was able to fill it to the right pressure.  He was so glad he came because he said I had over filled it, and it could have popped if I had driven on it – what a day that would’ve been.  He told me he would follow me home or to a shop if the tire fell flat again.  Luckily, my tire held, and we were able to get me home safely.

This act of kindness made my week instantly great.  I couldn’t believe how kind he was to leave his work and come help me.  I know I’m his wife, but to leave work?  I could never do that if I was shooting a wedding or teaching a yoga class.  I have been sending good vibes to his work as well for letting him leave.

When he arrived home, I told him to get changed because I was taking him out, so we made our way to one of our favorite spots in the city, Tracy’s Saloon, for half priced apps and margaritas.  It was a long overdue date night, nothing fancy, but good company and great food.  After a few margaritas, we took our previously discussed plan into action and returned home to snow suit up and grab the dog for some sledding, which was a blast.  My butt isn’t even sore today.

This man is my world.  I know relationships don’t last forever and things change and bad things sometime happen, but I plan on doing all I can to repay his kindness and make our marriage even more beautiful everyday.

Just so you know, I post something personal every week, so you can get to know whose behind the screen.

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