My Top Five Most Embarrassing Moments as a Yoga Teacher

After graduating from a teacher training program in 2010, I started teaching yoga a few days a week, and let me tell you, there’s never a dull moment.  Silly things are bound to happen when people put on spandex and get into a ninety some degree room to bend their body into pretzel like shapes.  Here are my top five most embarrassing moments as a yoga teacher.

1. Pulled a Janet Jackson

So this happened to me while taking class, but I’m including it because it was sooooo embarrassing.  I was taking class from a male teacher that was not only good looking but super respected among the yoga community.  I was doing a pose, much like the one in the picture above, when all the sudden I looked down and saw that the strap to my top had broken- literally popped off – and one of my girls was fully exposed in the front mirrors.  I quickly got up, went in the locker room, put my t shirt on over my top and went back in and finished class with a bright red face.  He said that he didn’t see it, and he’s either being real nice or I got real lucky.

2. Slip, Slide, and Fail

I was teaching a very sweaty class, there were puddles everywhere.  I was about to demo a pose to the class, but needed to grab a block from the back of the room.  Me, being the smart sophisticated woman that I am, decided to run across the sweaty floor.  I slipped, slid across the whole room on my right foot then crashed into a wall and fell over.  Holy smokes, I was not only embarrassed, but semi injured and of course had to keep teaching.  Good times.

3. Crows Don’t Fart

I was demoing crow pose in the front of the room and I said something like, “Squeeze your legs and toes together,” but I squeezed too hard and as I told them to lift their tailbone, a perfectly timed squeak came out for the whole class to hear.  I started laughing, so did the class, some people even came back the next week.

4.  Wooly Willy Arm Pits

I’ll never forget the day I was teaching a sculpt class (yoga with weights added) and threw my arms up in the air to reveal super fuzzy black arm pits.  It looked something like Wooly Willy, it was so weird, and when I went to try and wipe off the fuzz with a towel,  the towel’s fuzz started to attach too.   I tried not to lift my arms the rest of the class.  Deodorant and sweat shirts can be a weird combo.  

5. Kriss Kross

I’ve showed up to teach and my clothes have been on inside out, but one day, my pants were backwards, my top was on inside out, and what really set it off was my smoothie beverage had left me a yellow crusty mustache.  Thanks for noticing all the people I talked to and stared me straight in the face.

Well there you have it.  I’m glad I can laugh at these moments now, because at the time it was tough.  Fellow yogis – I’m curious to hear your stories!  You’re not alone!

Now that I’ve told you my secrets, let’s get to know each other.  I post about something personal on my blog about once a week.  Here’s my first ever personal blog post.

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