What is one thing in 2020 that would change your life?

Change 2020

What is one thing in 2020 that would change your life? This question came from the beautiful Jasna Burza in our last mastermind session.⁠

At first, I thought my answer was simple. I want to take 2 days off every week.⁠ Seems simple enough?

It would no doubt, change my life, but as I started digging into this answer more, I realized the reason why I haven’t given myself many days off in 2019 was because of fear. ⁠Fear that if I pass up on an opportunity, it will harm my business.⁠

Fear of missing out as an entrepreneur is real, and for the last several years, that’s the state of mind I’ve been running my business from.⁠

I’ve literally been creating from a place of fear rather than a place of passion because 2019 started out rough for me. Last year at this time, I thought I was going to loose my business. My bookings were down, and it was at a point where I started to think, “What am I going to do?”

But guess what? Being at this place, actually helped me create a new offering, brand photography. Now I am working hard to shift from only doing weddings to doing more brand work and helping people grow their businesses through visual storytelling.

There’s no doubt that the photography industry is saturated, and it seems like everyone with a camera now is a photographer, but if I keep thinking this way, I’m going to run my well being into the ground.⁠

To make 2 days off a week possible, I need to shift my mindset from fear to confidence, and believe that if I turn down this gig or that gig, it will give me more space to grow.⁠

So that’s where I’m at. In Jan, I’ve already blocked off 2 days every week in my calendar. It’s going to be hard to turn away gigs, and take less work, but I have to believe that if I give myself space to rest, it will make me better at what I do.⁠

Thanks for reading friends.

I post personal stuff on my blog every few weeks because I want to create connections. If you want to read on, here’s another one of my favorite blog posts from 2019.

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