The Twenty Percent Experiement

Before my final wedding this past Saturday, I went to a wonderful yoga class  lead by an amazing woman who is not only a teacher, but a life coach and energy reader.  She was talking through class about how we often don’t give ourselves the time we need, and in order to find balance in self care, she had implemented the 20% rule.  This rule is interesting in the way that it says we should see our calendars as more of a dream board.  Put all the things we want to do, we have to do and we should do out there, then eliminate 20% on a day to day basis.  This 20% elimination can help us have time to get where we need to go without stress or maybe take that walk around the lake.  She said she had been living without feeling grounded in her body, and it was almost as if she was not walking in her own shoes.  She could see herself floating above, and I have been feeling the same way.  The last six weeks have been insane.  I don’t even really know what happened.  I literally just kept working, and didn’t take my eyes off of what’s in front of me.  Everything has been wonderful and amazing, but I now feel like it is time to settle and to ground.  Slow down and breathe a bit.   So, I’ve decided to give this 20% the college try with my offseason by first and foremost, putting all the things that I dream of getting done out there on my blog.


Reconnect with friends
Go to Happy Hour once a month
Get to yoga 4 times a week
Volunteer at a charity more than once
Purge my closet and house
Sand and paint the walls
Get the house ready for sale
Learn to make my mom’s sauce
Read a book for pleasure
Update my portfolio and website
Meditate, Meditate and get to the center at least once
Work on my digestion
Leave the country
See more STS9
Slow down
Go skiing

When I see all these things out there, I get excited and a little anxious.  I’ll keep you posted if this 20% rule makes life feel happier.


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