Turkey Facts for the Thanksgiving Table

As a lactose intolerant person that doesn’t eat meat, thanksgiving isn’t my favorite meal.  I can’t have anything with dairy and that means I’m filling up on bread and or the one salad that doesn’t have cheese in it.  Although the meal isn’t my favorite, I’m always blessed to be surrounded by my loving family who are all so easy to talk to and fun to spend the entire day with.  For those of you who aren’t always in my boat, here are some fun facts about turkey so the dinner conversation is nothing short of exciting and interesting.

  1. Did you know that male turkeys gobble to attract females?
  2. You can tell the gender of the turkey by its droppings. Male s poop is spiral shaped while female turkey’s poop in a j shape.
  3. Male turkeys are called gobblers and average 16-22 lbs.
  4.  Females build ground nests and lay 8-15 eggs once a year between January and February.  Neat.
  5. Adult turkeys sometimes eat small reptiles.
  6. Turkeys almost went extinct in the early 1900’s.
  7. Turkeys can run up to a speed of 55 mph… holy smokes.
  8. Turkeys have incredible vision and can see better than 20/20.
  9. Wild turkeys sleep in trees.
  10. They blush.  The top of their head has exposed skin that is usually a pale pink, but when aggitated and or aroused, it turns red, white, or blue- how patriotic.

Have a great time turkey eaters!   You now know what you are eating, and that just makes you look real smart!

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