Relax—-  What does that really mean.  I think it means something different to all of us, but I honestly feel like I don’t get enough of it because I just can’t do it right!

With my business, there’s always something to do, something to work on, something always needs improving.  I could spend hours on my website, blog, order updated albums, work on my templates, SEO, analytics and social media and will if given the time.  Sometimes relaxing to me is being able to sit on my couch, put on a show, and just cull a wedding (make my picks and small adjustments) and when I told my husband that he looked at me with a sad face and asked, “When recently have you actually felt relaxed.”

It took me a moment, but the last time I was really relaxed, like if you asked me what I was doing I would say, “RELAXING,” was on my honeymoon.  We did a cruise, I didn’t bring my computer, and  everyday at sea, I would wake up, go to the gym… I know …. I was surprised too ….. eat breakfast, sit in the sun and tan for several hours, eat again, then take a nap and watch top chef, then wake up and eat, then drink some more and fall asleep before ten.  It was pretty neat and when I came back, I was so ready to go back to reality!

As much as I like to be busy, I’m slowly learning to draw the line.  In the summer, it’s a lot harder, but this last week, I’ve been able to do a little relaxing because I forced myself to take some time off.  It was so worth it.  I actually felt refreshed yesterday, and on a Monday that’s a super big win for me.   I went to my husband’s family farm, went to my best friend’s cabin (photos below), then ended with Banning State Park.

So far, I feel like the only way I can relax is if I take time off and I want to change that.  I want to find a way to be able to everyday, give myself enough time where I can feel a little bit of what I did on my cruise.  It’s easy to say, but to achieve the feeling is going to take some time.

I’m curious to know how do you balance your life?  How do you find time to relax when busy with work and all the other little gems life brings you?  I hope to report back with more from my experience and hopefully offer some wisdom on this thing called relaxing.


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