Amy and Peter – 10/25/16- Reidel Farm House Wedding and Utepils Brewing

Amy and Peter went on a date after meeting online.  As they had dinner and got to know each other, Peter mentioned he loved Star Trek, and that was the moment Amy knew there was much more to come. Their love story reminded them of an old movie where a Scandinavian man sends out for a bride, and he’s given a German bride who makes many wonderful things happen, so they wanted their wedding to play on the idea of these two cultures colliding.  They did a great job alluding to this theme by having a small ceremony at the Reidel Farm House and a larger reception at Utepils Brewing.

The Reidel Farm House is charming and sweet.  It has a forties vibe to it, which was exactly what Amy wanted.  As their close families gathered downstairs, Amy and Peter dressed, then came down for a brief hello then outside for some photos.  The river runs right next to the edge of the venues back yard, so we walked up then back down the river which was quiet and calm.

By the time we finished, their families and friends had gathered inside for their ceremony.  Everyone gathered at a long table adorned with mismatching china that took over several rooms.  After everyone had taken their seats, their officiant said a few words to open up the discussion.  Amy and Peter said their vows followed by several family members and dear friends sharing stories of the couple’s love.  The stories continued and eventually made its way back to the officiant where the two were formally pronounced husband and wife.

Everyone stood up to congratulate the happy couple, but also fill their plate with always delicious food from Brasa in the next room.  Guests then returned back to their tables to find a different seat so everyone could get to know each other.

The second part of their wedding day took place at the not yet opened Utepils Brewing.  Friends and family gathered for some home made pie, a Scandinavian cake, and hot dogs by Nate’s.  Games and social hour continued until toasts and then some Lindy Hop Dancing.

I love that this couple stood true to their own traditions and selves.  It was such a creatively fun wedding day that told their story.  Congratulations Amy and Peter!  I wish you many many years of happiness!

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