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There’s never enough time in a day. 

You wake up before sunrise so you can warm your hands and sip your strong coffee in silence before the kids wake and the circus begins. 

You cut the crust off two PB&J’s while your own cinnamon raisin toast turns from soft, sweet, and brown to a charred, black, and crunchy in the toaster.

You putter to the gas station after your drop them off at school a half hour late because Jimmy spilled his grape juice on his khaki shorts in the backseat.

You pick her up after school on the playground, dusting off the pebbles of the because she went as high as a rocket ship on the swing and fell off backwards.

You make silly voices for the Thomas the Troll in his favorite story because that always makes him smile but also helps his eyelids become so heavy and sleepy.

Being Mom means you have to be a chef, car service, bobo kisser, and story teller.

Everything you do, burnt toast and all, you do for your kids.  They come first, and of course they do,  you love them so, and you do it so well!

These are the best times, the times where they still want to snuggle on your lap before bed, the small soda at the movie theater is the size of their torso, and they dress up as underwater batman for halloween. 

Their silly, cute, and still cuddly.

Trying to savor these times is near impossible.  You expect things to calm down next week or in the winter, but it doesn’t, and as teeth fall out and are placed under their pillows, it seems like years are going by.  Before you know it, they will be bringing home worksheets full of long division and trying out for JV soccer.

So how will you remember these times?  Hundreds of iphone photos of just the two of kids having a tea party in the treehouse?  You holding both of them in your arms with Lake Michigan in the background sans partner?  Or are you always the photographer?

Taking one day to slow down, freeze time, and be in some photos with your family is the greatest gift.  Photos to prove that at one point they were sweet once they are teens.  Photos to look back upon when you realize that they no longer need you to tuck them in.

I’m not a mom yet, in the meantime, I’m a kick-ass Auntie with three nephews and more cousins than I can count thanks to my husband.  I treasure the time I spend with my little ones.  Couch forts, super soaker fights, squeezing my body down a slide, my heart is too young for my body, and that’s why I love family sessions! 

It’s all about being natural and having fun, two things that you all already know how to do.  Do it so you can remember the butterfly kisses, high pitched sing alongs, and leaf fights in your back yard.  Do it so you can walk in the door and see your happy memories on the wall after a tough extra long day.  Do it because you love yourself and your family.  Get in some photos with your family and darn it, feel good about it!

Even if you are like me, and your child is your furry dog named Zelda, get in some photos with your family and feel darn good about it!

Is it time for Family Photos?

  • Kids, pups, head shots? I can't wait to hear about it!

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