10 Reasons Why Minnesota Rules

Nothing like watching the twins get crushed by the Mariner’s when it’s almost 30 degrees. Last weekend, my husband and I joined his parents for a fun date to to Target Field. Despite the cold, we did have fun, but there’s a lot of bitterness right now towards the state of MN as this long winter takes over spring.  Here are ten reasons to remind of why Minnesota rules and why living here is really the best.

  1. The North Shore – If you are living here and have never ventured to the North Shore, then you need to go there now.  Within two hours of the twin cities, you can enjoy some pretty amazing views.  I highly recommend stopping at Cascade River State Park, Judge C. R. Magney, Grand Marais – go the Gunflint Tavern and ask for my Aunt, Carol.  There are waterfalls, epic views, and good company anywhere along the North Shore.
  2. Downtown Minneapolis  is just the right size – In 1856, downtown was meant for the saw mill industry but has now developed into the heart of MN culture.  It now spans 3.024 miles and is home to about 44,000 people.  I’ve lived in Madison- which is the cutest downtown ever and walkable, I’ve visited big cities like Chicago where it takes about 30 minutes to get to one side from the other.  I would have to say this city size is just right.  Easy to get around but large enough to experience different atmospheres.
  3. The State Fair – Do I need to say anything else?  The State Fair has to be one of my favorite places in the world for the people watching, local entertainment, and seeing how many things can be deep fried onto a stick.
  4. People won’t tell you how they feel to your face – Minnesota Nice (aka passive aggressiveness) is great if you are like me and you hate confrontation.  People won’t tell you how they feel to your face, they will say something like, “Oh that’s interesting,” or “Oh, you are so funny.”  I used to hate it until I realized I’m the same way.  I would rather hold it in and bitch about it later to myself in the car or to my dog.
  5. Tater Tot Hot Dish – I’m lactose intolerant, but I still love a good tater tot hot dish!  I make my own “vegan” style and it’s still incredibly delicious.  Tater tots are up there in my top 2 favorite foods, so any state that celebrates that tot is worth living in.
  6. You can drink the water straight out of the tap – Sometimes I forget how lucky we are.  This is a real treat.
  7. All the lakes – They will thaw soo friends, and when they do, it’s on.  Swimming, paddle boarding, boating, it’s all great.
  8. Southern Minnesota’s Bluffs – We don’t have mountains, but the bluffs of southern Minnesota are stunning.  Driving the 61 down to Minnesota’s south east point is an absolutely beautiful drive.  The Great River Bluff State Park is on my bucket list to visit soon.
  9. Affordable – I always dream of moving to San Fran, Portland, or Denver, but to be real, Minnesota has a great cost of living with the bonus of great art and entertainment.  Last time I was in San Fran, I paid $14 for a beer – and not even a good one.
  10. The larger cities are clean and green – It’s not overcrowded, garbage isn’t everywhere, and we care about green technology – have you noticed all the bike paths?

I’m so proud to live in MN, even when this winter has lasted six months.  If the weather is the only thing to complain about, I think we have it made.


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