How To Stay Upbeat and Bright During the Wet Heavy Spring

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get up on a rainy spring day?  We’ve had a lot of those recently here in MN, and I’ve been dragging.  I tend to get really lethargic, slow, and often have a lot of digestive problems- this past weekend was terrible for my body and energy.  No matter how much coffee I consumed or how many hours of sleep I got, my body looked and felt tired.  Makeup and all the hair spray in the world were no help to make me look perky and happy, so after Saturday, I just stopped trying.   If you are in my boat, there’s no coincidence according to Ayurveda studies, and there’s also a few quick tips and tricks I will leave here to help you push through this wet, heavy spring energy.

Ayurveda was developed a very very long time ago by Hindu’s and is known as the science of life.  It states that there are three energies in all of us as well as the world around us.  There’s Pitta energy which is warm and fiery.  It is intense and motivational, and is very active in the Summer.  Vata energy is dry and cool.  It creates a lot of movement too, irregularity, change and is very active in the MN winter.  Finally there’s Kapha energy.  Wet, heavy, earthbound, this type of energy slows us down and is very active right now in the Spring.

None of these energies are bad and we all have a little of them in us.  Some people are more of one than the other.  I’m currently equal parts vata and pitta and have very little kapha in me- and if you know me – it all makes sense now,.  You can get to know your dosha (energy balance) by taking a quiz like this one.  Do it then please tell me your results, it’s so fun!

But no matter what balance you are, this kapha energy around us in this wet, heavy spring has the potential to slow you down and make you feel heavy and unmotivated.  Luckily, there are a few easy things to do to balance this out, and I bet you have a lot of these things in your home already.

Diet wise- avoid the super wet and heavy.   You may notice in this time of year, you start eating more salads or vegetables which is your body’s natural way of spring cleaning and trying to balance the kapha.  Great vegetables for this time of year are the lighter ones like broccoli, carrots, chard, leafy light greens, and peppers.  Same with fruit- think less watermelon and more like dried fruits.  There’s a lot of great foods ideas on this page here.

Drinking room temperature drinks or warm drinks, like warm water with honey.

Less dairy and fried foods- enough said.

Cook with warming spices like cinnamon, ginger and clove.

Exercise and following a schedule.  Getting up and getting out in the morning between 6-10am for a jog, run, or bike ride can be very up lifting.  Again to fight this kapha imbalance, it’s great to get up and out of bed.  Another great time to exercise is between 6-10pm so you sleep a bit lighter as well.  Find a schedule for your exercise and stick to it, kapha is diminished by schedules and stimulation.  If you can bike to work, you get all the points for balancing energy and the environment.

Surround yourself with bright colors like yellows, oranges and pinks.  Maybe grab a bright bouquet for your nightstand or place some bright colored fruit in a bowl.  Grab your camera and take some pictures of bright colors, or just try and soak up as much sun as you can!

In your yoga practice, do more backbends and twists.  Back bending poses like camel, dancer’s pose, bow, scorpion are more vata by nature and will help to balance.  Prayer twist, revolving crescent lunge, seated spinal twist, and planks are more pitta by nature and stimulate the core.  Bring these postures into a sequence, practice them in the morning or before your next class to bring kapha into a balance.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it is a new beginning.  However, it can really weigh me down, and if it does for you, balance it out with some of this Ayurvedic techniques!

If you have time, take the dosha quiz and email me back with your results!  It totally explains why you are the way you are!





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