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Something I have not shared on my blog is that I also teach yoga part time!  I have been practicing yoga for 10 years, been teaching for 6, and I love it.  Physically it keeps my body happy, and mentally it offers so much peace and tranquility which is the perfect balance to the intensity of wedding season.  This past February, I had the honor of guiding 11 incredible yogis who wanted to take their yoga journey to the next level and become teachers.  Becoming a teacher is much like getting a degree in college- you have to enroll in a 200 hour program and see the whole thing through.  It’s tough and takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of a group and guide them in and out of postures.  Learning to teach is also like learning a new language and sometimes remember something as simple as, “lift your right leg high,” becomes challenging to say when everyone is staring at you.   But what I love about leading this program, is that you get to see people find their voice in something they are passionate about.    The transformation and growth that these now yoga teachers have achieved deserves a big old congratulations!  I displayed their photo in my chest along with the rocks and crane that was given at our graduation to remind me of their courage.  It’s hard to put yourself out there, but you should.   It’s important to connect with one another and support one another.  Yes, this can really scary, but when we stand up and just be ourselves, that’s when the magic starts to happen and we see how incredible we truly are!

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