3 Reasons you need a Professional Photographer to Capture your Wedding

Your wedding photos are precious!  Let’s be real- after your wedding day, you may have a piece of your cake in your freezer for a year, but your wedding photos are what stand the test of time.  They are your portal back to your wedding day where you can revisit your walk down the isle, your first kiss, the table decorations your mom helped you make, and the embarrassing moment where Uncle Al busted out his disco dance moves to Uptown Funk and cleared the dance floor.  You have memories, but they are encased in time with your photos.  So if this day really matters to you, having it captured should be your priority, and a professional is a professional for just this reason.  But let me give you three more to ensure you won’t regret having a “family friend” shoot your wedding.

  1. You will miss important moments from your day.  Professionals have experience.  We have done this before and we know what to do and how to do it.  First and foremost, we know how to put together a timeline to get the photos that you want and can work with other vendors to make your day flow perfectly.  I do this with all my clients, so everyone shows up when they are suppose to and where they are suppose to.  This makes your life a lot less stressful.  We are also great at predicting when something important is going to happen and have our cameras ready so we don’t miss your important moments.  We also capture the moments you did not know were happening, so while you are talking to your out of town relatives, we are capturing your college friends reuniting for the first time in years.
  2. You get what you pay for.  At every wedding, I hear a horror story from friends of the bride and groom who tell me how they wish they would have hired a professional photographer.  The family friend they hired missed their first kiss, their walk down the isle was out of focus, or they didn’t have a flash so all their photos indoors didn’t turn out, or their family friend didn’t back up their images and lost their entire wedding, yikes!  We get that professional photography is expensive, but it is for a reason.  We have the right equipment for the job and take it seriously.  With anything in life, you have to pay for the quality.
  3. A professional is there for you!  A great professional wedding photographer strives to make you happy.  That is the whole point- to capture your wedding and have fun while doing it.  Often family friends lack the professionalism and customer service, and ultimately aren’t there for you since their reputation is not on the line.

Please do yourself a favor and hire a professional, it is something you will not regret.  If your photos are important to you, this is the best money you can spend on your wedding day!  I hope this article seals the deal for you so your wedding is captured with beautiful photos that will last a lifetime!

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