I know what you might be thinking... "Do we really need an engagement shoot?  I'm nervous enough about getting in front of the camera on my wedding day, do I really have to put myself through this?"

It's ok to be nervous or a bit apprehensive, but I can assure you that engagement photos are the easiest and most relaxing photos you will ever take.

Why?  Well, it is all about love.   On your wedding day, there is a lot more much going on.  I mean this in the best way possible- it is very exciting.  Your mom's in the corner, holding back tears because she can't believe you look so beautiful. The neighbors you grew up from across the street but haven't see in years show up an hour early.  Your friends and family all night slowly are walking towards you to hug and congratulate you, it never seems to end.

It is an amazing thing to have all of your friends and loved ones in one room, and they want nothing more than to share the day with you!  So what's great about your engagement session is just about the two of you.

No one else, no distractions, no speeches to prepare.  Just you two, hanging out in a beautiful location, enjoying each other.  I like to  think of the engagement session as going on a very special date.  My sessions last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half where you get to pick a location(s) that mean something to your relationship.

You are welcome to bring a wardrobe change, and I love incorporating puppies or anything that has meaning to you into the shoot.

I deliver all of your high resolution images to a downloadable image gallery that you can easily access from any computer. You can share this gallery with your friends and family, and anyone with your link can download the images.  To view more engagements, please check out my blog or click here to reach out and schedule your session.

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