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There they were, Nonnie and Papa, holding hands, standing in front of their new home’s doorway on the happiest of days, their wedding day.  They kept it simple, Nonnie’s white lace dress came down to her ankles to show a pop of her shiny pointed toe heels.  Papa’s hair slicked back, tie already loosened and suit jacket off, he looked so young, so handsome.

You could tell how proud Papa was of his now wife and new home.  The grin on his face was that same grin that he had in my graduation photos, that same grin he had when he came to my home the first time and saw my garden.

Nonnie was so beautiful, her skin was milky smooth and her eyelashes went for days.  Her hair curled down just past her shoulders with one side pulled back by a clip with a big pearl.

I really loved my grandparents.  Whenever I look at this photo, my memories osf them come back.  The memories of Papa teaching me how to spell my name in red crayon.  The memories of how Nonnie giggled at my hack-job haircut the first time I took the scissors into the bathroom without her looking.

This black and white photo marks an important day in our family history- because without them getting married and starting our family, well none of us would exist.


I have an assignment for you: try it I dare you.  

Find a photo of your grandparents from their wedding day.  Take a good look.  To think that back then all photos were so special.  All made with film, developed by hand, their album only had one copy of each, and this copy has made their children and grandkids smile.

Look beyond the difference between then and now, like Grandma’s super long lace train or the fact that they are in front of a retro alter with candles, and look at how they are standing, how they are feeling, how they are looking at each other.  That’s the same way you and your fiancé will be feeling on your wedding day.   

Wether your grandparents are going to be in a chair front row or will be watching from above, there is always a way to honor their memory and what they have done for your families on your special day.

You can do the typical, what most couples do, you can put a photo of them out on the table along with a candle and a sweet note, but that would be typical.  You’ve seen that at three weddings this year, am I right?

But you aren’t typical, so why not do something different?

Introducing a new kind of engagement shoot, an engagement shoot that recreates a wedding photo to honor your grandparents. 

The Recreation Engagement Project’s mission is to not only honor the memory of our grandparents, but to bring memories back for the whole family to share. 

Your aunts and uncles crowding around at these side by side images and having their long road trips to the grand canyon flood back, their first dates while borrowing dad’s car come back, and they spend all dinner sharing the stories from their childhood, stories they haven’t told in ages. 

This project is meant for newly engaged couples.  This hour long session can take place at the location of the actual photo or be reimagined anywhere within an hour of the twin cities area.

Couples can recreate up to 2 images of their grandparents and will also have more candid and lifestyle engagement photos taken like the ones in any of my engagement galleries.

The session fee is $125 and includes one 5×7 print of your recreated image, your choice.  Additional prints and digitals are available, and the best part is if you decide to book your wedding collection with me, you get all the digital files from your session (optional).

I’m looking for

Down to earth, newly engaged couples who live around the Twin Cities area who are looking for an extra special engagement session. 

Why Recreation Engagement

To honor your grandparents on your wedding day

Brings back memories for the whole family to share

Makes your engagement session stand out from the crowd

How to participate or nominate a friend:

Fill out the form below if you are interested in participating in this project, or if you would like to nominate a friend or family member of yours that you think would be perfect for this. The session itself is an hour and includes a 5×7 print of the recreated image all for $125.  Additional prints and digitals available for order, and if you decide to book your wedding photography with me, I will gift you all the digitals from the session (optional). 

My intention is to create a gorgeous photos of the two of you you’ll love and that will capture the eyes and hearts of your family.  

After your email, I will send you specific details and you can decide if this project is a perfect fit for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Engagement Recreation

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