The Easter Bunny Isn’t Real?


I’ll never forget the day my world of holiday fantasies unraveled.  I was in the 4th grade, it was spring, right after Easter Sunday.  I was talking to my friend, Joey Kalio, about my awesome new stuffed animal I had gotten in my Easter basket.  He looked at me in shock.  “The Easter bunny?  You still believe in that?” I nodded my head, proud and hopeful.  He then replied, “Well, the Easter bunny isn’t real.”  Woooahhh!  Woooah?  Whaaat?  My tiny head was spinning, and I started to figure out a way to prove he existed.  I explained to Joey how every year, there are bunny tracks and bunny poop in our yard.  Joey acknowledged this as a trick, his parents did that as well.  I kept coming at him with ideas, reasons, anything that would make him wrong, but nothing worked.  Was he really right?  I had to talk to my mom.

My mom picked me up from school, and we went to the grocery store near our home, Byerly’s.  We walked to the Deli placed an order and waited patiently.  This was my chance!   I asked my mom, “Is the Easter bunny real?”  She was trying to be sweet and replied, “Well what do you think?  He was just at our house.”  I told her about my conversation with Joey and asked her once again, was this bunny real?   She then told me the truth, and boy do I feel bad for her now because I started crying, moaning, whining, and yelling in that store.  I was uppppset.  I felt betrayed, angry, and just plain stupid.  When the man came back up to the client with our order and me crying, my mom told him, “She wanted to know the truth.”

It didn’t take me long after to realize that Santa, the tooth fairy, or anything else fun didn’t exist either.  So why make up all this stuff?  There are thousands of songs, hundreds of movies about all these traditions that don’t exist.  Is it for the millions of dollars it generates or for the joy of children?  Maybe a combo?  I’m curious to hear your thoughts, and any special stories of how you found out santa or the easter bunny isn’t real.

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