Cloudy Wednesday

Last week was not the best week for me.  You know when things just aren’t going your way?  Yep, that was my week.  Last Wednesday was cloudy, a little rainy, kind of a bummer looking day.  About mid-way through, I came out to my car in downtown St. Paul, and my tire was flat.  I have been through 4 new tires this year, so my mood went from good to bad immediately after seeing my new tire (which I bought about 2 months ago) flattened.  I called my husband to tell him the news, and he so kindly started walking me through how to put on my spare.  I flopped down on my stomach with the jack and pretended I knew what I was doing.   An overseer could tell I needed help and came over to offer his services, but we could not get the lug nuts off of my tire.  This gentleman tried and tried for about a half hour (so did I) and with no luck, he suggested that I call AAA.   I called and put in a request and felt my pocketbook empty and my heart sink because I was going to be stuck in downtown St. Paul through rush hour….yikes!  I sat by my car, sulking of course, and thought this day was doomed.  Luckily, the universe extended an arm to me in the form of Alan.  He was about my age and worked just down the street.  He called his office to tell him he was helping me out and would be late to his next meeting……wow!  Could this guy be any nicer?  He knew what he was dong (he mentioned something about working with cars in the past) and within 5 minutes he had my spare on and found the nail in my tire.  He sent me a few blocks to an Lancer Auto Repair where they were able to patch my tire and get me on my merry way.  Alan deserves a huge shout out!  This guy killed it in the nice department by doing me a huge favor.  I am so grateful for his help.  He reminded me there are some really nice people out there and inspired me to change my attitude, because the world’s a pretty amazing place!

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