There is Always a Reason to Celebrate


    One thing that I have really noticed this year, is that everyone seems to be too busy to get together and hang out.  Maybe it’s because everyone in my life is getting older, and if they are anything like me, they are tired and even have less time to spend with friends and family.  But the truth is, I still want to hang out, I still want to have fun, and I believe we should still celebrate whatever we can whenever we can.

I love hosting guests.  To put it into perspective, I’m a casual hostess.  I don’t have fancy towels, or hand crafted soaps that are in the shape of sea shells.  But I will greet you at the door and ask you if you want to have some wine and what you want to jam out to on Pandora.  This past month, I had the pleasure of having my in-laws over for a backyard bbq.  I made some coleslaw, my husband grilled up some brats, and the family gathered to celebrate everything and anything.  We used paper plates and plastic silverware, we drank out of cans, and it was a darn good time!

It was the first time some of these family members had been over, and I’m not going to lie- I was a bit nervous.  I am so lucky, they are the sweetest people ever, but I was nervous to have them over because I was thinking my home was not nice enough.  My husband and I barely have a matching set of dishes, our yard is recovering from our dog who loves to dig, and it felt like a bit of a hot-mess for two people that are thirty.  The reality is that it was perfect.  Everyone had a great time and no one cared about the small details.   My husband and I gave our nephews a tour of the inside of our home, and their favorite place was the laundry room because they liked all the piles of dirty clothes.  That says it all.

To get to the point, celebrating life with loved ones does not have to be perfect.  You don’t need cloth napkins and a matching set of dishes to get your friends and family together and enjoy what is happening in the present.  Life is so busy- but if we don’t make time to connect to the ones we care about, we are really missing out on celebrating each day.  I encourage you all the keep connecting to the ones you love, so call up an old friend, reach out to a family member who you have not seen in the last month, or maybe host a casual gathering.  Life gets busy, and you don’t need an excuse to celebrate.

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