Everyone’s first year on the planet is different, but parents all seem to say the same thing, it goes by too quick!

They hear their little nugget go from gurgling and burping to laughing and making loud long vowel sounds.

They watch their little one go from wiggling and squirming under their pink piglet blanket in their crib to climbing on their knees and crawling towards that jar of markers that is way to close to the edge of the table.

Gavin’s parents, Stephanie and Mark, feel the same way.  Watching the development of their sweet son over the last year was incredible, and for his first birthday they wanted to commemorate it with someone fun and of course memorable, so they brought in a cake and let him at it.

We started the session like any other, adorable little shoes and outfit, looking so proper.  His lovely sister Savannah as well as the rest of the family popped in for a few, and after we knew we had some keepers, it was time to get down to business and let him have some cake.

Gavin is just like me, lactose intolerant, so they bought him the prettiest white iced vegan cake I had ever seen.  They pushed it in front of him, and it only took about five seconds before he was reaching his cute little hands deep into it to get the perfect face sized bite.  After smearing it on his face, arms, and chest, he started double fisting it, smart kid, until there was just enough left to save a slice for his sister.  A job well done!

Happy first birthday to Gavin!  So glad you are joining us on this big blue earth, and I can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown for your 18 month session!

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